Invoice in crypto with ease and security.

Grow your business with a new payment option that unlocks 300+ million crypto consumers and thousands of businesses from a $2+ trillion crypto economy.



Sign up for an account in seconds. Create and send a EukaPay-hosted invoice in minutes - all from the Web or mobile.


Add line items, discounts, and tax rates directly to your invoices. Easily customize your invoice with your band and logo.


Manage all transactions from EukaPay products in one place. Integrate with Quickbooks and Xero to streamline your reporting.


Protect yourself from fraud and chargebacks as transactions with crypto, like cash, are final because no third party can reverse the charges.

Support for global currencies


Support for 100+ crypto wallets

How it Works

Generate and send an invoice

Create an invoice right from the EukaPay web or mobile platform. Customize by adding product details, line items, coupons, taxes, and everything else your invoice needs. Email your customer a link to a EukaPay-hosted invoice page or a PDF with just one click.

Invoices include:

  • Branded logo and colors
  • Product details
  • Customer information
  • Tax Rates
  • Memo

  • Custom invoice numbering
  • Discounts or coupons
  • Line items
  • Footer

We convert crypto to CAD

Your customer can pay with 100+ cryptocurrencies from 75+ wallets. Payments are transacted at a locked-in exchange rate. EukaPay then instantly converts the cryptocurrency of choice into CAD without price volatility for both parties.


Get paid in CAD

Converted funds are settled in CAD into your bank account within one business day.


Easily manage your invoices

Manage invoices and view detailed reports from the web or mobile platform. Built-in accounting and analytics tools to help with financial and tax reporting. Integrated with Xero and Quickbooks for seamless accounting and reporting of your business.