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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EukaPay remove cryptocurrency price volatility?

EukaPay instantly converts crypto into dollars at the point of transaction. You can choose to never hold cryptocurrency.

How often does EukaPay settle funds with the merchants?

We initiate settlement at the end of every business day, subject to a minimum settlement amount.

How long does it take to confirm a transaction?

EukaPay provides near instant confirmations for crypto transactions, which act as a payment guarantee for the merchant.

Is it possible to receive cryptocurrency instead of dollars?

EukaPay offers settlement into stablecoins (USD coins) and a variety of cryptocurrencies. After you receive them in your own wallet address of choice, EukaPay will not be responsible for any future price volatility.

How does EukaPay determine the rate of crypto to dollars?

EukaPay aggregates price feeds from a number of major cryptocurrency exchanges to provide you the best available exchange rate for the transaction in real-time. We offer customers a 20-minute price guarantee after they select which preferred cryptocurrency they want to pay with.

Do cryptocurrency payments carry risk of chargebacks?

No, all of the transactions on the blockchain are final and there are no chargebacks.

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